How do I read data from just first row of the cell

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this is the 3x50 cell

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 17 Aug 2018
Bajdar, just specify 1 for the first index of the cell array feature_vec.
array17 = feature_vec{1, 7} % Get array contained in row 1, column 7 of the cell array.
If you want all the arrays in all the cells of row 1, then you can do:
row1 = feature_vec(1,:) % row1 is another cell array - a row vector cell array.
Here row1 is a cell array that is a row vector of 50 cells. Each of those 50 cells contains a double array. To get any particular array in a specified column, use braces. For example to get the cell in the 8th column, do
cellContents18 = row1{8}; % Contents of the 8th cell will be a double array.
If you don't understand when to use braces (to refer to contents of the cell) and parentheses (to refer to the cells themselves), then see < the FAQ on cell arrays.) Don't worry - granted, it's a very tricky and confusing thing that is hard for a lot of people to grasp.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 20 Aug 2018
I don't see any reason to save/store all the images. Why are you doing that? Just process them in the loop and be done with that image.

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Adusumilli Bala Surendra
Adusumilli Bala Surendra on 24 Apr 2019
The following can help you. Try this.
z =
1×3 cell array
{3×3 double} {3×3 double} {3×3 double}
>> z{1}
ans =
0.00315 + 0.011925i 0.0008042 + 0.0071843i 0.0008042 + 0.0061306i
0.0008042 + 0.0071843i 0.00315 + 0.011925i 0.0008042 + 0.0065829i
0.0008042 + 0.0061306i 0.0008042 + 0.0065829i 0.00315 + 0.011925i
>> z{1}(1,:)
ans =
0.00315 + 0.011925i 0.0008042 + 0.0071843i 0.0008042 + 0.0061306i

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