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'summary' function for a cell

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alpedhuez on 19 Dec 2020
Commented: Walter Roberson on 23 Dec 2020
summary function provides a summary of a content of a table
Then what is a function to summarize the information of a cell?


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madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 19 Dec 2020
help cell2table
CELL2TABLE Convert cell array to table. T = CELL2TABLE(C) converts the M-by-N cell array C to an M-by-N table T. CELL2TABLE vertically concatenates the contents of the cells in each column of C to create each variable in T, with one exception: if a column of C contains character vectors, then the corresponding variable in T is a cell array of character vectors. T = CELL2TABLE(C, 'PARAM1', VAL1, 'PARAM2', VAL2, ...) specifies optional parameter name/value pairs that determine how the data in C are converted. 'VariableNames' A string array or cell array of character vectors containing variable names for T. The names must be valid MATLAB identifiers, and must be unique. 'RowNames' A string array or cell array of character vectors containing row names for T. The names need not be valid MATLAB identifiers, but must be unique. See also TABLE2CELL, ARRAY2TABLE, STRUCT2TABLE, TABLE. Documentation for cell2table doc cell2table


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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 20 Dec 2020
If you feel there should be a function similar in functionality to summary but for cell arrays, I recommend you send this enhancement request to Technical Support using the Contact Support link on the Support section of the MathWorks website. Please include in your enhancement request what aspects of the summary for table and timetable arrays you would find useful in a cell version, as well as sharing information about how you would plan to use it if it existed.
Farshid R
Farshid R on 22 Dec 2020
Good time
I wrote this code but it gives an error
Please help me
thank you
% p=data.PredictionHorizon;
% c1=0;c2=0;c3=0;
for j=1:n
cp1=c1(j); cp2=c2(j); cp3=c3(j);
% initial conditions setting:
x1(1)=X1(1); y1(1)=X1(2); z1(1)=X1(3);
% calculation of phase portraits /numerical solution/:
for i=2:n
x1(i)=h*cos(z1(i-1))*v1(i-1) - memo(x1, c1, i);
y1(i)=h*sin(z1(i-1))*v1(i-1)-memo(y1, c2, i);
z1(i)=h*w1(i-1)-memo(z1, c3, i) ;
function [yo] = memo(r, c, k)
temp = 0;
for j=1:k-1
temp = temp + c(j)*r(k-j);
yo = temp;
%%%%% error
Index exceeds the number of array elements (1).
Error in exocstrstateFcnCT1 (line 28)
x1(i)=h*cos(z1(i-1))*v1(i-1) - memo(x1, c1, i);
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 23 Dec 2020
You only initialize v1(1) so you have a problem when i = 3 because then you need v1(3-1) -> v1(2)

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