José M. Requena Plens

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Restless mind. Universitat Politècnica de València. Universidad de Alicante.

Programming Languages:
C++, C, Java, Javascript, MATLAB, Arduino
Professional Interests:
Signal Processing, Fluid Dynamics, Engineering, Acoustics, Noise and Vibration


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How to convert these equation to MATLab code
You can use Triangular Pulse Function.

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Plot color is different to the color being shown on the legend
The problem is in your first plot. the 'yline' function must not be inside the plot function. Using your code, the correction ...

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How can I get rid of the error "The value assigned to variable 'n' may be unused"?
In the lines where this warning appears, add the following comment: %#ok<NASGU> I have not gotten the warning with your code. ...

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Limits of app-designer spinner input field
Limits cannot be assigned equal. I would first check the value of 'max (cruiseList)', if it is lower or equal to 1 I would not ...

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Plotting the iso-surface in a specific range of values
You need ISOCAPS with 'enclose' option. Using yor code. To plot values greater than 0.1: data = smooth3(porosity_median,'bo...

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How do I populate a custom table in a Simulink Mask?
Hello, I don't understand how it can't work like a normal table. I leave here my code to be able to work with the table in Matl...

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[SIMULINK] Sound interface, multiple inputs and outputs
Hello, I am using Simulink to emit and receive signals with a sound interface with multiple inputs and outputs (8 inputs / 20 o...

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[Simulink] Play and record audio simultaneusly
Hello, I'm trying to design a model that can play and record sound simultaneously, something like the audioPlayerRecorder objec...

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