Video and Webinar Series

Deploy C Code to STM32 Nucleo Using Embedded Coder

This video series shows you how to use Embedded Coder® and the ST Nucleo Board Support Package for rapid prototyping and algorithm export. Learn the benefits of each workflow, when it is desirable to use one over another, and how to accomplish the steps involved.

Overview of Workflows Learn the benefits and typical applications for using a rapid prototyping workflow or an algorithm export workflow in your R&D or production project.

Rapid Prototyping Demonstration Discover how to quickly deploy, test, and refine algorithms with rapid prototyping. Learn how to create a simple Simulink model, configure it for the ST Nucleo, and then deploy and run it on the Nucleo with one click.

Algorithm Export Demonstration Learn how to generate customizable C code for a Simulink algorithm model, then include that C code in a hand code project using STM32 CubeMX and IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, and finally compile and run it on the Nucleo.

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