Video and Webinar Series

Virtual Commissioning of Production Machines

Modern production machines contain an increasingly complex amount of real-time software, typically running on a PLC, PAC, or industrial PC. In order to test and verify the functionality before the physical machine is available, virtual commissioning based on modeling, simulation, and code generation has become a well-proven design workflow. MathWorks software for physical modeling, including CAD import, is used to implement the plant model. Simulink® and Stateflow® help engineers to design, parameterize, and test their closed-loop control software and state machines. Finally, automatic code generation of real-time C/C++ or IEC 61131-3 ST/LD code is used to implement the previously tested functionality on a PLC.

Part 1: Overview Perform virtual commissioning of a web tension controller using Model-Based Design with Simulink.

Part 2: Plant Modeling Model the dynamics of the web system using first principles in Simulink and physical modeling in Simscape.

Part 3: Control Design Tune the PID controller gains for the control drive using Simulink Control Design and verify results by running closed-loop simulation in Simulink.

Part 4: State Machine Design Design supervisory control logic using Stateflow.

Part 5: Code Generation Automatically generate IEC 61131 structured text from a Simulink model using Simulink PLC Coder for implementing the controller on a PLC.

Part 6: Summary Review recap on how Model-Based Design with Simulink is used for virtual commissioning of a web tension controller.