State-Space Control Systems: The MATLAB/Simulink Approach

State-Space Control Systems shows how MATLAB and Simulink could be used to solve state-space control problems. In this book, it is assumed that you are familiar with the theory and concepts of state-space control, i.e., you took or are taking a course on state-space control system and you are reading this book in order to learn how to solve state-space control problems with the aid of MATLAB and Simulink.

The book is composed of three chapters. Chapter 1 shows how a state-space mathematical model could be entered into the MATLAB and Simulink environment. Chapter 2 shows how a nonlinear system could be linearized around the desired operating point with the aid of tools provided by MATLAB and Simulink. Finally, Chapter 3 shows how a state-space controller could be designed with the aid of MATLAB and tested with Simulink.

The book will be useful for students and practical engineers who want to design a state-space control system.

About This Book

Farzin Asadi, Maltepe University

Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2021

ISBN: 9781681739786
Language: English

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