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Block Configuration

Block implementation specification, model configuration


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hdlset_paramSet HDL-related parameters at model or block level
hdlget_paramReturn value of specified HDL block-level parameter for specified block
hdlsaveparamsSave nondefault block- and model-level HDL parameters
hdlrestoreparamsRestore block- and model-level HDL parameters to model
hdldispmdlparamsDisplay HDL model parameters with nondefault values
hdldispblkparamsDisplay HDL block parameters with nondefault values


Set and View HDL-Specific Block Information

Set HDL Code Generation Options

Access HDL options in the Configuration Parameters dialog box and Model Explorer; Simulink Toolstrip, HDL Code context menu, and pointers to related information.

Display Blocks for HDL Code Generation in Library Browser

Find HDL code generation supported blocks.

Set and View HDL Model and Block Parameters

How to view or set the implementation parameters for a block.

View HDL-Supported Blocks and HDL-Specific Block Documentation

HDL architecture descriptions for supported blocks and list of supported blocks.

Add or Remove the HDL Configuration Component

Adding an HDL configuration component to make models more portable

HDL Properties

HDL Block Properties: General

HDL code generation parameters supported for specific block implementations.

HDL Block Properties: Native Floating Point

HDL code generation parameters supported for specific block implementations in Native Floating Point.

HDL Filter Block Properties

HDL code generation parameters for filter blocks.

HDL Filter Architectures

Select HDL code generation parameters to control speed vs. area tradeoffs in filter architectures.

Distributed Arithmetic for HDL Filters

Using Distributed Arithmetic for efficient HDL filters

Pass through, No HDL, and Cascade Implementations

Pass through, No HDL, and Cascade block implementations.