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Transformaciones geométricas comunes

Aumente, reduzca, rote, recorte imágenes y aplique otras transformaciones geométricas comunes

Puede usar estas funciones para realizar transformaciones geométricas comunes. Por ejemplo, puede usar imrotate para rotar una imagen.


imcropRecortar una imagen
imcrop3Crop 3-D image
imresizeResize image
imresize3Resize 3-D volumetric intensity image
imrotateRotar una imagen
imrotate3Rotate 3-D volumetric grayscale image
imtranslateTranslate image
impyramidImage pyramid reduction and expansion


  • Resize an Image with imresize Function

    This example shows how to magnify and shrink an image. You can specify an interpolation method and prevent aliasing.

  • Rotate an Image

    This example shows how to rotate an image. You can crop the rotated image to be the same size as the original image.

  • Crop an Image

    To crop a rectangular portion of an image, specify the size and position of the crop region, or draw over the image in a figure window using an interactive tool.

  • Translate an Image Using imtranslate Function

    This example shows how to shift an image vertically or horizontally by a given number of pixels.