MATLAB Online Server


MATLAB Online Server

Host MATLAB Online on-premises or on a cloud environment

MATLAB Online Server™ lets you host MATLAB Online™ on-premises or on your cloud environment. With MATLAB Online, the MATLAB users in your organization can run MATLAB® from their web browsers, without downloading, installing, or configuring desktop software on their own computers. MATLAB Online provides your users access to the full MATLAB programming language and desktop environment, as well as to MATLAB add-on products.

MATLAB Online Server uses a microservice architecture that supports both horizontal and vertical scaling based on your hardware configuration. To ensure efficient resource usage, you can configure your hardware to account for variable or infrequent MATLAB usage. The server integrates with your existing network file system and authentication services.

Get Started:

MATLAB Online Hosted by Your Organization

Get instant access to MATLAB through your web browser. 

Get Instant Access to MATLAB

Access MATLAB without any downloads or installations – just sign in with your organizational credentials to get started.

MATLAB Online provides instant MATLAB access, enables on-the-go use and collaborative review of MATLAB code in conference rooms and other group settings. It also opens MATLAB access via Chromebook™ notebooks computers. 

Get instant access to MATLAB.

Co-Locate MATLAB with Data

Perform in-place analysis of centrally hosted data and eliminate the overhead associated with downloading large datasets to your machine.

Comply with organizational requirements on data export and other industry-standard regulations to preserve data integrity.

Co-locate MATLAB with data.

Use Your Existing MATLAB Licenses

Once MATLAB Online Server is configured, you can use your existing network licenses to access MATLAB Online.