MATLAB and Simulink
on Domino Data Lab

Enabling MATLAB and Simulink collaboration across the enterprise

Domino Data Lab enables scientists and engineers to collaborate on processing data and code, tracking experiments, and running algorithms on powerful, centrally managed computing resources. Domino runs on standard web browsers making MATLAB® and Simulink® accessible from anywhere, simplifying tool rollouts across the enterprise while enhancing data security and reducing IT overhead.

For MATLAB and Simulink Users

Accelerate MATLAB Workloads

Use MATLAB in the cloud or the corporate data center to gain access to powerful multicore, NVIDIA® GPU-powered, large memory machines. Create accurate predictive models, apply AI techniques, and run MATLAB algorithms where the data lives.


Domino makes big data processing simple with MATLAB on Apache Spark™ clusters. MATLAB-enabled Spark clusters are set up on demand automatically, in minutes. Process big data more easily by accessing enterprise data directly from Domino. Run multiple MATLAB batch jobs concurrently and share algorithms with Domino Launchers.

Work Across Technologies

Share data, models, and experiments across the entire organization. Access data directly from MATLAB and share results with other Domino users. MATLAB also integrates with other languages, so colleagues who use Python® or R can execute MATLAB algorithms without installing MATLAB.

Execute Simulations on Robust Hardware

Use Simulink on Domino to access large input data volumes and harness multicore workspaces, executing massive simulations in parallel. Use Simscape® for creating field asset models in various operating conditions, and synthesizing datasets for AI algorithm training.

IT Benefits

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Break the Hardware Upgrade Habit

Run MATLAB in the cloud or data center for fewer costly desktop hardware upgrades. Offer powerful research resources while achieving higher utilization and increasing hardware ROI. MATLAB provides support for NVIDIA DGX and GPUs on Domino that increases discovery and productivity.

Better Data Security

With all development work done using a web browser, data remains inside the firewall, not on laptops.

Increased Project Visibility

Gain visibility into the progress and cost of team projects on Domino using a set of project tracking tools.

Lower DevOps Overhead

Domino’s self-service tools enable DevOps teams to focus more on mission-critical tasks and less on support or facilitation.

Centrally Manage and Maintain MATLAB and Simulink

Domino makes it easy to roll out MATLAB across the organization, adding and updating versions overnight.