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Evaluating Microgrid Control with Simscape Electrical

MathWorks and Hydro-Québec discuss how modeling and simulation support the development of microgrid systems that contain renewable energy and energy storage. Through a worked example of a representative grid-connected microgrid, both grid-forming and grid-following operation will be considered. Various microgrid control modes will be demonstrated, including active- and reactive-power control, droop control, imbalance compensation, and solar curtailment. Operation of the control modes will be demonstrated through appropriate test harnesses, which allow efficient evaluation of system response to be performed over a broad operational envelope.

Microgrid System Overview A microgrid system which facilitates functional evaluation of the operational response of different microgrid control modes is described, and instructions on how to download the model from File Exchange are given.

Grid-Forming Control and Solar Curtailment Learn how grid forming control regulates system voltage and frequency and solar curtailment reduces solar power output in the event of a load disconnection.

Grid-Following Control Learn how grid following control regulates active and reactive power output from a power source.

Grid Synchronization Learn how to match microgrid voltage magnitude, frequency and phase with utility grid voltage magnitude, frequency and phase, to minimize current inrush when connecting to the utility grid.

Imbalance Compensation Learn how load voltage imbalance can be compensated for by injecting negative-sequence current into the load.

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