Join with Your Third-Party Product


Products eligible for The MathWorks Connections Program must be commercially-available and complementary to the MathWorks product line. Examples of eligible products include:

  • Applications built on top of MATLAB
  • Third-party MATLAB toolboxes or Simulink blocksets
  • Applications that use MATLAB as an embedded computational engine
  • Optional links/interfaces to MATLAB or Simulink
  • Code Generation targets

To be eligible, third-party products must be supported and require end users to use MATLAB to operate the MATLAB based capabilities. Third-party products deployed using the MATLAB Compiler or the MATLAB Builder products are not eligible for the Connections Program.

Benefits for Product Partners include:

  • Discounts on software purchased for development of Connections Program-approved products
  • A listing on our Web-based Connections Program directory
  • 24-hour access to our Connections Help Desk a restricted-access Web site for partner use
  • Connections Program partner logos that you can include in your own collateral to show your relationship to The MathWorks and our products
  • Sales Support Licenses for sales and marketing demonstrations
  • Access to time-expiring MATLAB evaluation licenses for your prospects
  • A tradeshow sign with partner logo
  • Periodic electronic mailings with product or program information
  • Ability to deliver MathWorks products in conjunction with third-party product(s) upon request

Product Partner Qualifications

Specific requirements for Product partners in the Connections Program include:

  • Acceptance of the Connections Program Terms and Conditions
  • A commercial license of MathWorks software, current on our Software Maintenance Service, for use in developing and supporting your Connections Program product
  • Two customer references that have used the MATLAB based capabilities you have created
  • Compliance with MathWorks editorial standards including all company and product trademarks

Companies that do not yet have commercially-available support of MathWorks products and cannot provide customer reference names, but are actively developing a product that would be eligible for the Connections Program may apply as a Pre-Product partner. In addition to the Product partner requirements above, Pre-Product partners are required to:

  • Provide a project status every 6 months to maintain Pre-Product status in the program
  • Provide two customer references that have used the MATLAB based capabilities in order to receive full product membership with a listing in our Web-based Connections Program directory

There is no membership fee for Connections Program Product or Pre-Product partners.

Apply for membership

To join the Connections Program with products that are currently available and integrated with MathWorks products, please complete our Product Application. If your product will not be available or integrated with MathWorks products within the next three months, please complete our Pre-Product Application.

Approval of membership in The MathWorks Connections Program is at The MathWorks' sole discretion.

Service Partner Information

If you also offer system integration, consulting, or training services using MathWorks products, please visit our Service Partner page for eligibility, benefits, and how to apply.