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Physical Modeling

Create, optimize, and test models of physical systems

Simscape™ products enable you to model, optimize, and test physical systems. Model a physical system by connecting components from mechanical, hydraulic, electric, pneumatic, and thermal domains into a network. You can also create custom components by using the Simscape language. With Simscape products, specialists in different domains can work together in a single simulation environment to optimize system-level performance and test control algorithms. You can also perform techniques such as deep learning and predictive maintenance by working with MATLAB® and Simulink®. To deploy models to other environments, including hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) systems, the Simscape products support code generation.

The Simscape product group depicted with Simscape as the foundation product, supporting Simscape Electrical, Simscape Battery, Simscape Fluids, Simscape Multibody, and Simscape Driveline. Examples of physical modeling environments include electrical, mechanical, magnetic, thermal, custom, isothermal liquid, two-phase fluid, gas, and moist air.


Electronic and Mechatronic Systems

Fluid Systems


  • Pick and Place Robot Using Forward and Inverse Kinematics (Simscape Multibody)
    Model a delta robot performing a pick and place task.
  • Train Humanoid Walker (Simscape Multibody)
    Model a humanoid robot using Simscape Multibody™ and train it using either a genetic algorithm (which requires a Global Optimization Toolbox license) or reinforcement learning (which requires Deep Learning Toolbox™ and Reinforcement Learning Toolbox™ licenses).


Virtual Test and Design Optimization

Model Deployment