Ingesys IC3

High-performance, modular, industrial-grade control system


  • Automatic code generation from MATLAB and Simulink
  • Online access from Simulink using external mode over TCP/IP
  • Support of software development process including simulation
  • Application commissioning and deployment without MATLAB
  • Real-time integration of IEC 61131, C/C++, and Simulink tasks
  • Extensive set of I/O modules and fieldbuses


The INGESYS® IC3 PAC controller enables simultaneous execution of advanced control functionalities based on high-performance processors , I/O modules, and MATLAB® and Simulink® development tools. It also enables sequence control tasks based on IEC61131 standard tools, making the best development environment for each application available to the user.

The INGESYS IC3 target for Simulink Coder™ enables intuitive control development. You can use Simulink Coder to generate C and C++ code from Simulink diagrams, Stateflow® charts, and MATLAB functions that can be directly downloaded and executed on the INGESYS IC3 controller without manual coding. The functionality of the INGESYS IC3 controller (I/O modules, variables, parameters,etc.) is made available as standard Simulink blocks. You can simulate control models before it is downloaded to the controller.

Besides including standard Simulink scopes and MATLAB commands, INGESYS IC3 PAC provides a complete set of software tools that enable you to perform commissioning, deployment, and maintenance tasks without a MATLAB license.


Parque Tecnológico, 110
48170 Zamudio (Bizkaia)
Tel: +34-94-403-96-00

Required Products


  • Windows


  • Consulting
  • On-site assistance
  • System integration
  • Training

Product Type

  • Industrial Controllers and PLCs


  • Control Systems
  • MATLAB Programming
  • Process Control and Monitoring
  • Real-Time Systems
  • Mechanics and Compression Systems


  • Automotive
  • Computer Electronics
  • Industrial Automation and Machinery
  • Utilities and Energy