MATLAB® helps you obtain deeper scientific or clinical insights by giving you the ability to analyze ever increasing amounts of data. Scientists and engineers use MATLAB for experimental approaches such as microscopy and biomedical imaging, electrophysiology, and genomics and next generation sequencing, or for modeling and simulation such as pharmacology and systems biology.

MATLAB enables you to access datasets from a wide variety of sources including databases, custom file formats, and web services; apply leading-edge analysis methods to your signal, image, video, molecular, and other datasets; and automate your experimental or theoretical set-up with customized analysis. With MATLAB, you can:

MathWorks also provides training and consulting services to help you or your team become more proficient and complete projects faster.

Because MATLAB and Simulink® toolboxes have been trusted by the global science community for over 30 years, researchers and educators have created a large and diverse collection of domain-specific tools written in MATLAB.  Many of these tools are freely available at MathWorks File Exchange, GitHub, or the MathWorks Connections Program.

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