Medical Imaging

MATLAB® and Simulink® products provide medical device engineers and researchers with the tools for analyzing and visualizing medical images and for developing advanced imaging algorithms used in a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices with tomographic (MRI, CT, PT), ultrasound, intravascular, and endoscopic imaging modalities.

Access Data, Explore Ideas, and Automate Workflow

Image and video processing applications in the medical industry present common but difficult challenges that require flexible analysis and processing functionality. Using MATLAB and Simulink products, you can:

  • Read and write DICOM images
  • Automate acquisition of images and video from imaging hardware
  • Create custom visualizations for images, video sequences, and volumes
  • Develop new ideas using a library of reference-standard algorithms
  • Create scripts to automate repetitive tasks

In addition, a growing number of third-parties have developed useful medical imaging tools, such as Statistical Parametric Mapping (SPM), using the open and flexible MATLAB environment.

Develop, Test, Refine, and Implement Algorithms

Algorithms used in the processing of images and videos within platforms such as endoscopes and radiation-based imaging devices (MRI, PET, CT) are complicated and evolve quickly with every new generation of the devices.

MATLAB and Simulink let you develop, test, verify, and explore algorithms quickly at a fraction of the time it takes to develop and prototype such ideas using C or C++. Once developed and tested, the algorithms can be implemented as C or HDL code on processors or FPGAs, respectively, to create quick proofs-of-concept.