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Sensor Models

Calibration and simulation for IMU, GPS, and range sensors

Perform sensor modeling and simulation for accelerometers, magnetometers, gyroscopes, altimeters, GPS, IMU, and range sensors. Analyze sensor readings, sensor noise, environmental conditions and other configuration parameters. Generate trajectories to emulate these sensors traveling through a world and calibrate the performance of your sensors.


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accelparamsAccelerometer sensor parameters
allanvarAllan variance
gyroparamsGyroscope sensor parameters
magparamsMagnetometer sensor parameters
magcalMagnetometer calibration coefficients
gnssconstellationSatellite locations at specified time
lookanglesSatellite look angles from receiver and satellite positions
pseudorangesPseudoranges between GNSS receiver and satellites
receiverpositionEstimate GNSS receiver position and velocity
skyplotPlot satellite azimuth and elevation data


gnssSensorSimulate GNSS to generate position and velocity readings
altimeterSensorAltimeter simulation model
gpsSensorGPS receiver simulation model
imuSensorIMU simulation model
insSensorInertial navigation system and GNSS/GPS simulation model
rangeSensorSimulate range-bearing sensor readings
wheelEncoderUnicycleSimulate wheel encoder sensor readings for unicycle vehicle
wheelEncoderBicycleSimulate wheel encoder sensor readings for bicycle vehicle
wheelEncoderDifferentialDriveSimulate wheel encoder sensor readings for differential drive vehicle
wheelEncoderAckermannSimulate wheel encoder sensor readings for Ackermann vehicle
kinematicTrajectoryRate-driven trajectory generator
timescopeDisplay time-domain signals
waypointTrajectoryWaypoint trajectory generator
nmeaParserParse data from standard NMEA sentences sent from GNSS receivers
gpsdevConnect to a GPS receiver connected to host computer


AHRSOrientation from accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer readings
IMUIMU simulation model
INSSimulate INS sensor


Model IMU, GPS, and INS/GPS

Model combinations of inertial sensors and GPS

Inertial Sensor Noise Analysis Using Allan Variance

This example shows how to use the Allan variance to determine noise parameters of a MEMS gyroscope.

Wheel Encoder Error Sources

Explore the various error sources of wheel encoders and how they affect the wheel odometry estimate.

Remove Bias from Angular Velocity Measurement

This example shows how to remove gyroscope bias from an IMU using imufilter.

Configure Time Scope MATLAB Object

Customize timescope properties and use measurement tools.

Simulate Inertial Sensor Readings from a Driving Scenario

Generate synthetic sensor data from IMU, GPS, and wheel encoders using driving scenario generation tools from Automated Driving Toolbox™.

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