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Distribución de valores extremos generalizada

Ajuste, evalúe y genere muestras aleatorias a partir de una distribución de valores extremos generalizada


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makedistCreate probability distribution object
fitdistAjustar un objeto de distribución de probabilidad a datos
distributionFitterOpen Distribution Fitter app
cdfFunción de distribución acumulativa
gatherGather properties of Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox object from GPU
icdfFunción de distribución acumulativa inversa
iqrInterquartile range of probability distribution
meanMean of probability distribution
medianMedian of probability distribution
negloglikNegative loglikelihood of probability distribution
paramciConfidence intervals for probability distribution parameters
pdfFunción de densidad de probabilidad
plotPlot probability distribution object
proflikProfile likelihood function for probability distribution
randomNúmeros aleatorios
stdStandard deviation of probability distribution
truncateTruncate probability distribution object
varVariance of probability distribution
gevcdfGeneralized extreme value cumulative distribution function
gevpdfGeneralized extreme value probability density function
gevinvGeneralized extreme value inverse cumulative distribution function
gevlikeGeneralized extreme value negative log-likelihood
gevstatGeneralized extreme value mean and variance
gevfitGeneralized extreme value parameter estimates
gevrndGeneralized extreme value random numbers


GeneralizedExtremeValueDistributionGeneralized extreme value probability distribution object